About us

MEDITERRANEAN DREAM WEDDINGS is dedicated to serving the specialized needs and requirements of wedding - either legal or symbolic - as well as honeymoon and anniversary travelers desiring a romantic destination. Because these events are truly unique (and costly) in nature, couples often search far and wide for credible and knowledgeable planning and booking assistance. It is our goal to be the trusted advisor throughout the designing, planning and booking process - from initial research through completed vacation and/or wedding.


MEDITERRANEAN DREAM WEDDINGS accomplishes this goal by delivering an innovative set of services geared specifically to the honeymooner and/or destination wedding couple. We start by helping the couple dream about what's possible, taking into account personal interests, time of year and budget. As soon as a decision has been reached on the destination, we work with the couple to plan and book a personalized event or wedding. Finally, we provide assistance during the wedding or honeymoon, making sure any problems that arise are taken care of quickly and correctly. The information on our site have been developed specifically with you in mind - we understand this is a special event so we treat it that way.

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